picture booth


A kid’s birthday party, a prom, or a corporate event, you can typically expect the age of a crowd you’ll get in the picture booth. But what about weddings? They’re definitely a wild card. There’s the wedding couple, and a number of friends their age… but also family and family friends in all walks of life. Some weddings may be skewed older or younger, while others may even have a no kid policy.

We get a lot of:

“My kids are pretty young, so I don’t think they would understand a picture booth”


“It’s a group that doesn’t quite get technology, so I don’t think they would use a picture booth”

Although we’re a little appalled by the lack of assumed knowledge of children and the elderly, these are things we hear a lot. Yet every time we go to a wedding, we get guests of all ages coming out to enjoy the picture booth!

So can you be too old or to young for a picture booth? Nope!


So the next time someone says you’re too old or young for something, just remember, age is just a number 🙂