We provide best Open Air Photo booth services in NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut


Photo booth for weddings: People love the idea of taking silly photos in a photo booth. But some have complained that the interior of a typical photo booth is small and cramped. In case of a party, most guests enjoy taking photos in large groups with friends and family. Hmm….What can we do?


The Open Air Photo Booth is the latest iteration of the classic photo booth, and it’s popularity has exploded.

Our tower of fun has several attractive features: Since it is open with no side walls. It’s great for large group photos, accommodating from 1 to 15 people! Moreover, the open booth not only entertains those taking the photos but also everybody else watching! It’s compact size is perfect for where there is limited venue space or difficult access (e.g., on a balcony or an upper level with no elevator).

It comes with a huge backdrop in your choice of colors. We can also custom design a “Step & Repeat” backdrop with your names, monogram, and other graphic design. We also have green screen available



When you’re considering a open Air photo booth there are a few things you should consider:

1. More Room

 The obvious advantage of an open air photo booth as opposed to the traditional enclosed one is that it simply has more room. You get more added spacewith open air photobooths which is a great benefit in itself as it relieves the cramped feeling you sometimes get in traditional enclosed ones. It also creates a large number of additional benefits you simply could not get in an enclosed booth simply because there is more room available to move around.


2. More People 

 Because there is more room in an open air photobooth, thus you can fit a lot more people in it. This means that you can take as many large group shots as you want without worry of someone getting left out. There is almost no limit to the number of people you can take a picture of at the same time and you don’t even have to worry about various limbs (or heads) being left out of the photo.


3.More Creativity 

The added room of open air photobooths also gives you the opportunity to be more creative. You could never try to do a coordinated group jumping shot in an enclosed photobooth, but it is no problem for an open air one. You can even throw people into the air or build a human pyramid if you want! The possibilities truly are endless because your only space constraint is the size of the venue, not of the booth itself.


4. More Quality 

 When you take a look at photos taken in open air photobooths and compare them to those taken in traditional enclosed ones, you will quickly notice a difference in quality. This is because the added space offered by an open air photobooth will also allow the photographers to take higher quality pictures. Whereas in a traditional photo booth, the lighting is limited to a small space in front of your face, the operators of the open air one are able to put the lighting at angles which will create better quality pictures.


5. Same Benefits 

 You may be worried that to make up for all these benefits, open air photobooths may lose something that you get with a traditional one. The only downside is that you have to always have an attendant with the booth and it takes a bit longer to set up. Other than that, you will still get the same fun and excitement in an open air photo booth and the same freedom for your guests to be creative.