Photo Booth Rentals new york are so much fun. There are so many venues to work at. Although Magic Smiles photo booth covers the 5 Boroughs (manhattan, queens, bronx and brooklyn and staten Island) we love doing photo booth rentals in Long Island. Long Island venues are the best because you dont have to worry about parking as opposed to Manhattan. Most of these venues have parking which is the number problem for us when you have to set up equipment at a certain time. Brooklyn can be a problem as well with parking. I guess its because of the one billion people living there. Queens venues are not that bad but the are only a few of them and parking can be tight as well. On the other hand, Long island venues are beautiful like Jericho Terrence.

Magic Smiles Photo booth are a three year old company so we done a fair share of photo booth rentals new york already. These Photo booth rentals include includes weddings, bar Mitzvah, corporate events, birthday parties, graduations and school events. The fun things about these rentals are the jobs. Every Job is different. Today, someone can rent a photo booth for their $20,000 wedding and tomorrow someone can rent a photo booth for their kids birthday party in the projects. Also, we get to meet a lot of different people who takes the silliest photobooth pictures. The ideas people come up with to take these photos are amazing. lol. I wish i had thought about some of them.  Andrew, who is the owner of magic smiles is a lot a wedding photographer. When clients are searching for photo booth rentals new york for their big day, sometimes they hire Andrew as their photographer. you can see andrew’s work here