All Photo Booths are not the same


A friend of mines attended a baby Shower in long Island this past weekend. When she got the she was surprise to see their was a photobooth at a baby shower. She thought photo booths where for big events like weddings, sweet 16’s and Bar Mitzvah’s. I got a text from her telling me there was a photo booth at this baby shower and how excited she was because she loves photo booths. I asked her was it a open photo booth or a enclosed photo booth. She said it was a enclosed one where only four people could fit in it and you only get one 4×6 print out. Since I own a photo booth business, I told her to go take some pictures and email me a couple of shots tomorrow. The very next day she sent me this.

photo booth

So Much bad Lighting.

 I Said to her “All Photo booths are not the same”