Magic Smiles Photo Booth rental Prevents the Spread of Covid-19

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, places of public gatherings were deemed to be high risk to spread and catch Coronavirus. This resulted in all venues, parties, weddings and celebrations being restricted before being cancelled completely in long island. Photo booths are not only integrally linked to the events industry, but traditionally encourage guests to get close together for photos making them a high-risk activity in relation to a highly contagious virus. Thanks to quick action by the new York federal and state governments, we are now in a position to start open for business like many other events and hospitality businesses. At Magic smiles Photo Booths we are just as committed to playing our part in containing the novel Coronavirus as we are to ensuring that guests at events have an amazing time and do not miss out on all of the joys that events and photo booths can provide. As we begin to open for business and start attending events, please take into consideration that the following guidelines:

1) Physical Touch And Social Distancing

The good news is that all of our photo booths can operate completely touch free. As our staff are the only people required to operate out photo booths, your guests will not be at risk by touch with our equipment. For this reason, physical props will also not be available. We have a selection of digital pops available so chat to us about how we can incorporate these into your photo booth experience. Regarding Social distancing, we will require more space to set up, ideally 10 x 10m to ensure that our staff can be adequately distanced from people having their photos taken. Queue management will be done by spots market on the floor to enforce 1.5m between people waiting to use the photo booth.

2) Hygiene Considerations

All Photo Booths will be sanitized both before and after an event. Sanitizer spray will also be available at events for our staff to use on equipment where relevant and necessary. Physical props will not be made available, however digital props are available on request to deliver a hygienic photobooth experience.

3) Staff Training and Education

At magic smiles Photo Booths we pride ourselves on having highly trained and socially aware event staff. Our staff not only know the equipment inside out, they are also equipped with the knowledge to ensure social distancing, adequate hygiene and always have a manager on call for advice or to resolve any issues that may arise. Safety equipment and resources including sanitizer, distancing tape and handling training make magic smiles Photo Booth staff more than capable and experienced at ensuring compliance.

4) Compliance And Legal Obligations

Whether your event is in a venue or private residence, we are committed to adhering to State Government restrictions. This means the current guidelines at the time of the event, not the time of booking. Whilst we do not directly control attendance at venues or your guest’s actions directly, staff will try their best to manage the photo booth area to remain. Our staff will manage the situation in a professional and proactive manner, however should they feel that they are at risk due to guests actions or guidelines not being followed, then they will be advised to reach a resolution with the event organizer or pack up and leave the event.

5) Response Planning

As a condition of booking, it is expected that magic smiles Photo Booths will be notified by the event organizer within one working day should any of our staff have been potentially exposed to a Covid-19 positive case at the event. magic smiles Photo Booths keep accurate and current records of staff movements and commit to informing any event organizer should we be made aware that our staff have been diagnosed Covid-19 positive at your event. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to then inform guests, other suppliers and any effected parties as the central contact for the event. magic smiles Photo Booths will report any confirmed cases of Covid-19 to authorities and cooperate fully in any following investigation of contact tracing. With your support in adhering to the above conditions, we are confident that we can deliver a safe and enjoyable photo booth experience. If you have any questions about an existing booking, or are planning an event and unsure as to whether a photo booth would be appropriate, please feel free to give us a call on 9177558177. We are in this business for the long haul so will not compromise your safety, or ours, in our assessment of the best photo experience for your event. Thank you for your support and encouragement during this time. A crisis is known to bring both the best and worst out of people. We are so proud to say that we believe that all of our staff, clients, community have rallied together to combat the Coronavirus together and will reap the rewards of returning to ‘normal’, albeit a new normal, sooner than most.