5 Awesome reasons to have a 360 camera booth rental NYC

360 camera booth

360 camera booth or 360-degree photo booth, the term refers to the most innovative booth of our era. A 360 degree photo booth Rental has completely changed the way people feel about events and conferences. It has also solved the difficulty of finding engaging activities at an event for the attendees. The 360 video booth has emerged as a revolutionary innovation for event organizers and hosts.

Without any engaging content or activity, your party or event may turn out to be tedious for your guests. As an event organizer, you must look for unique solutions to make the event a grand success. From kids to older people, everyone loves clicking pictures and sharing them on social media. The photo booths are the biggest attraction for your guests and attendees. By Installing a 3D photo booth, you are actually going to give an edge to their experience.

Let’s see what magic smiles photo booth has for your next event in its chest.

All-In-One Set Up

A photo booth doesn’t have to be just a ‘photo’ booth. How about giving an all-round experience to the user of your booth? Many futuristic companies have evolved the photo booth into an all-in-one set up. Your guests may get a selfie, a portrait, a video or a gif based on their choice. The easy and unique set up also captures slo-mo for your guests. In a frozen photo booth, the cameras click images in a single movement to create an animated gif. The booth creates a happening environment at your event. And your guests will have memories that will last forever.

Paparazzi Furore


Who doesn’t love to feel like a celebrity? A 360 camera spinning wheel at the booth capturing photos of the user from every angle definitely creates a paparazzi vibe. All a user has to do is strike amazing poses and enjoy the attention! A social 360-degree photo booth is way different from any conventional photo booth. You don’t need to set up multiple cameras at different angles to cast the limelight.

Unlike a basic photo booth, where you get the picture clicked from just one angle, the 3D photo booth is mounted on a spinning wheel. The camera moves in 360 degrees to freeze the shot from all directions. It instantly gives a 3-dimensional picture without you needing to move a bit.

Another Decor At The Event


This is probably the best thing about a 3d video photo booth- that it doesn’t look like a booth at all. The set up is customized to match your event’s theme. It is not a conventional box-like booth. The stall looks like another decor item at your event while serving additional functionality. Your guests would love the background and the idea of getting their picture or videos clicked against that creatively stunning 3d selfie photo booth. Not only that, but you may also get it customized in a way that your guests get to choose the background for their photos. It will definitely cost you little more than the basic photo booth but it’s worth the success of your event.

Instant Share


It was another century when you had to wait for a day or two to receive the picture that you got clicked at an event or a booth. The advancement is useless if it does not bring the promptness in its process. With this innovative 3d video photo booth, share the videos and photos immediately with the guest. The booth gives you the convenience of sharing your guests’ photos and videos via social media or other online photo-sharing platforms.

Your guests can share the pictures in no time on their pages. This functionality does not only make your event more engaging and fun, but it also elevates your event’s popularity which in turn shoots up the engagement in your next event. It’s a widely known fact that people tend to like a brand or campaign more if it is popularised by the attendees rather than any other marketing tactic. So, the installation of a social 360-degree photo booth is a complete win-win for your event.

Rent, Hire or Buy

You may wonder how to go about a 3d photo booth installation that suits your requirement. The booths are available for rental. You may rent a booth and set it up at your event. A rented booth would require you to set it up and you may need to operate it on your own. If you hire a social 360-degree photo booth, you are hiring a service that will take care of everything from installation to operating the booth for your guests at the event.

You can also buy and cut the rental or expenditure on the services every time you host an event. The 360 camera spinning wheel installation at your event’s photo booth absolutely offers interactive engagement at its best. In the long run, it would win you more popularity and audience engagement.