Why are 360 photo booth the best for your event

Why are 360 photo booths the best for your event in 20203? Mostly because it's the most cutting-edge photo booth of the era and is referred to by the terms Social 360 or 360-degree photo booth. The social 360-degree photo booth has fundamentally altered how attendees feel about conferences and events. It has also addressed [...]

Photo booth History

The photo booth journey began when a young photographer from Siberia by the name of Anatol Josephowitz followed his long-time dream. Because photographs were in high demand and very expensive they were the desired commodity that typically only the wealthy could enjoy. Josephowitz understood the significance of quality photos and truly believed that everyone should [...]

5 Reasons Why You Need an Awesome 360 Photo Booth Rental

I'm pretty Sure you You’ve Likely Heard Of A 360° Photo Booth Rental Before But, You Might Be Surprised To Find Out That Some Of What You Think You Know, May Not Actually Be True. To be Honest, it is not an actual “photo booth”. I say this for 2 reasons 1. that it's mainly used to [...]


 A selfie mirror booth is a popular activity to be found at weddings, proms, corporate events, and more. And anyone who has ever used one knows that it’s just not the same without props. The props you choose can do a lot to set the tone of the activity and match the theme or style of the [...]

The Next Big Thing – 360 Degree Photo Booth

What a wonder a social media platform is! It not only gives you the space to express your being but also the medium for creation. Thanks to the ever-evolving social media platforms, we are given a 360 photo booth rental near me. In case you are wondering what the 360-degree photo booth is, let us give [...]

Wedding Photobooth: Know how to book

Hire A wedding Photobooth Pictures serve as an element for the preservation of memories. That is why one cannot help but take pictures at special events like proms, birthdays, and weddings. Weddings and wedding photo booth go hand in hand and without them, no marriage ceremony will be complete. Therefore, we have done the research thoroughly [...]

How long does it take to rent a photo booth for a wedding?

The process of planning a wedding can be exhausting, unpleasant, and complicated, but it can also be a great deal of pleasure. In the process of planning your wedding day suppliers, you may be wondering whether or not you will, if you’re like most people, you’re probably not sure what a photo booth is or how it may help [...]

360 video booth rental New York

 ​360 video booth rental -What is it?360 video Booth rental - The Newest, Hottest Trend. Move over, photo booths. New, 360 Degree photo booths are revolutionizing the typical photo booth experience. They combine the best of HD imagery, videos, and Instagram's Boomerang feature to provide a unique new way to capture life's memorable momentAn innovative [...]

3 options to consider for your photo booth rental

Photo booths are more popular now than ever. People are booking booths for any type of event. Weddings, corporate parties, family reunions, birthday parties, you name it! When going with a photo booth rental for your party, the kiosk or “open air” style is all the rage. With the kiosk photo booth, you have the [...]

How dangerous are Spinning Photo booths

 Are Spinning Photo Booths Safe?360 spinning photo booths are a great hit with guests, but how safe are they? We take a look at the best options for spinning photo booths and weigh up the dangers implied with them.What Is a Spinning Photo Booth?A spinning booth is a perfect way to give guests a 360-degree video [...]