Why A Open air Photo Booth Is Better Than A Selfie Station

open air photo booth

At your last event you may have noticed people having a great time dancing, talking, and taking selfies with their friends. While you may have seen people having a good time, what you were actually witnessing was money flying out of your pocket.

Whenever any business owner sees people taking selfies in or because of their business, they are watching money burn. People love selfies, but not even the best selfie can compare to a photo booth experience. When you put up a photo booth you will start to grab up that money you have been missing out on.

Picture Clarity

When someone moves or gets bumped while taking a selfie, especially in the dim light of a club, bar or banquet hall, the resulting picture is blurry. With one of our open air photo booth, the camera is stable and therefore the picture is clear. When taking a group selfie it can be hard to focus, depending on the booth, large groups can now get themselves together to take a selfie without any hassle. Photo booths grant a unique quality to their images that any customer will want to share with the rest of the world.


A big part of picture clarity is having the right lighting, and it is impossible to get good lighting when taking a picture on a dance floor, or in a crowded venue. But with a photo booth, the lighting is perfect and the space is reserved, which leads to a great picture every single time.

Print It Out

There is only one camera taking a selfie, but there may be several people who want a copy of that picture. When your customers use your photo booth, they can print out multiple copies of their pictures and give them to whomever they want. This is a huge advantage in terms of upsell, because now instead of only sharing images digitally, friends can walk out of your event with several copies of their picture prints that they can display wherever they want.

Share Online

Not only can your customers take custom selfies that look great with a photo booth, they can instantly share those pictures online with their own social media accounts. Instead of waiting to get home to share their pictures, your customers can share them instantly from the venue and keep the party going.

The next time that you see people taking selfies at your business or the event you are working at, you need to start thinking about the money you are giving up. When you invest in a photo booth rental, you can give your customers the chance to take the ultimate selfies and bring in all of that money you have been leaving behind.