wiGet a Brooklyn photo booth rental for your birthday party

brooklyn photo booth rental

Are you planning on throwing a party this summer? Is someone graduating from high school or college? Are you celebrating a big birthday? Is your office planning a big party to motivate the staff? Are you busy planning a wedding reception? Summertime is full of exciting events. If you want your guests to look forward to your celebration, consider including a Brooklyn photo booth rental. 

What’s the Deal With Brooklyn Photo Booths?

Brooklyn photo booths were initially created and became popular at the World’s Fair in 1889.  Photo booths started becoming popular at parties and carnivals, but today they are bigger than they have ever been. People enjoy interacting with photo booths and they are a big hit at both small and large events. Printed photos and even social media galleries bring the fun home for everyone.

You can have a wedding photo booth for your parties from Magic Smiles right here in Suffolk County Long Island. You can even get office party photo booth rentals, options for baby showers, graduation parties, anniversaries and so much more. Regardless of the type of party you are throwing, you can add a photo booth in Brooklyn NY. Choose from different packages to enhance the experience, and find the 360 photo booth rental that is right for you 

Why Should I Hire a Brooklyn Photo Booth Rental for My Party?

There are lots of reasons to get a photo booth in Queens. For wedding receptions, a wedding photo booth rental is a great activity to keep guests busy while you take your wedding party photos after the ceremony. It also provides a custom favor for your guests to take home.

For an office party photo booth rental, it is a great way to mark a retirement, or birthday or to celebrate achieving a sales or marketing goal for your company with lots of fun photos for the break room wall. For a birthday photo booth rental, finding a way to mark the occasion without hiring a professional photographer or counting on friends to create memorable pics, is a great reason for hiring a photo booth for your next party.

Other Reasons to Get a Photo Booth in Brooklyn

In addition to the reasons already shared, if you still aren’t convinced that you should get a birthday photo booth rental or rent a wedding photo booth for your reception, here are a few more to help get you excited about this hot party trend. It is affordable and your guests will enjoy it during and after the party.

  • Party favors – custom photo strips can be created that friends and family can take home to remember your celebration; larger photos and photo gallery options can also be shared via social media resources to provide even more ways to get in on the fun
  • Fun – speaking of fun, it’s a lot of fun to interact with a photo booth in Brooklyn NY; photo booth props, custom backgrounds, and high-quality digital photos make it an exciting and interactive way to participate in the party for many of your guests
  • Guestbook Alternative – instead of having friends sign your guestbook, move them into the wedding photo booth instead to have their picture taken; collected into a private or public photo gallery online, you can print photos to create a photo book or keep them online to share with your guests
  • Activity – natural lulls in the party can be awkward, but having a birthday photo booth rental or an office party photo booth rental can keep guests busy and prevent them from getting bored during your party; in fact, you will likely have a line at the photo booth in long island throughout your event as everyone waits to get their crazy pictures taken

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