Photo Booth Props

A photo booth adds life to a party. It gives guests excitement while snapping moments on camera. When choosing a photo booth rental queens ny for your event, you need to consider some things. You need to check if everything about the booth is working fine.

One of the things that makes a photo booth rental ny complete is the props. Check if there are props included in the photo booth rental when you rent it. Photo booth props can be interesting. These things will add color to your pictures.

If you are wondering what props should the photo booth have. Here are some of the best ones you can choose from right now.

Go With the Stick photo booth Props

Stick props are popular. These are the most common props in a new York photo booth rental. The cardboard is attached to a stick. You hold the stick while you post for the photograph. It is a simple thing but is very useful when it comes to enhancing your images.

Usually, the stick props are made for every specific occasion. If it’s the new year, a stick prop will contain a cardboard cut as the year. Some are shaped as masks. It is something handy for a masquerade ball.

The Hats Props

Yes, hats are creative props. A photo booth rental business usually has hat props included in their booths. There are different kinds of hat props. The hats make the party more memorable and fun. There are several hat designs for any occasion.

Hat props can gather a crowd. People get excited wearing different kinds of hats. When your guests pose for a photograph, give them the best set of hats. The more designs, the better. Make every event memorable for all with the hat props.

Wear It Better With Masks

Masks are cheap photo booth rental props. People get hyped when seeing masks. Make guests feel excited with masks. Having different masks to wear in a photo booth rental nyc makes the party worth it.

Your mask props can be of superheroes. Masks can be anything as long as it coordinates with the event’s theme. You can make masks with glitters. You can also create stick props with masks on them

Add Costume Props

Add costumes to your photo booth rental bronx NY. Costumes are fun. Guests at every party will enjoy every bit of the event. Adding costumes into your bronx photo booth rental makes every moment memorable.

Costume props can vary. You can have fairy tale costumes. Superhero costumes can come in handy too. Halloween costumes are interesting during the season. Wherever costume props you add to your photo booth, these are sure to make guests enjoy the moment.

Frame Are Cool

Frame props are also available. Make colorful frames if you have a bronx photo booth rental business. If you are renting, make sure to ask for the available props. These frame props can add a filter to the photograph.

You can ask the photo booth rental ny business owners to make frames, especially for your occasion. If it’s a birthday party, you can add frame props suited for the party. Make every memory worth telling in a photograph.

Go With Inflatable photo booth Props

Inflatable props make a child’s party more exciting. Let guests enjoy your event through these inflatables. Your pictures will look better with these props. Inflatables can be beach floaters.

Let your guests pose in the photo booth as long as they want. Your party will be the talk of the town once you have inflatable included in your photo booth. These types of props create a playful mood.

Have Fun With Ties & Bowties

Give your guests a chance to play dress up. Ties and bowties can be fun props for your photo booth. Make your party worth remembering with these types of props. Many parties can happen, but if you add a photo booth, it can be excellent.

Adding ties and bowtie can make it more worthwhile. Having fun at your party can be interesting. Make every moment count. Take snaps with ties and bowties. You can look back at the image one day and smile about it.

Disguise It With Wig photo booth Props

Have fun with wigs. Make your guests laugh a little harder with their wigs. Wigs can make the party livelier. When you rent a photo booth, make sure to ask about the wig props. Most of the time they will have it.

Photo booth rental suppliers know what you need. They often have almost all of the wig styles when you need them. Let each moment count. The party you give can last a lifetime through those photo booth memories you give.


Make each moment in your party count. Rent a photo booth with props with it. Let guests enjoy every moment of your party. These here can come in handy for your photo booth.

Make sure you inquire about the props first. magic smiles photo booth has them that will make your party more interesting. Guest can talk about the moment for a long time.