• Magic Smiles Photo Booth Contract Agreement


    Client will pre-arrange for an appropriate space for and access to the photo booth tower at event's venue along with a table and if drinks are served, cocktail table. Accessibility for the photo booth delivery will be available 30 mins to 1 hours before the event. All photo booths require a space about 10’Wx10’Lx7’H. Client will make sure there are no obstacles that will make delivery and setting up of the photo booth unachievable. Electrical requirement of a standard 120V electrical outlet within 25 feet of location is required for each photo booth operation. In an event if the client does not provide the following and Magic Smiles Photo Booth is not able to set up in time, there will not be a reimbursement and funds will be forfeited. If event is outdoors, it is required that the photo booth is under the event tent, otherwise Magic Smiles Photo Booth charges a $100 rental fee for providing a 10’x10’ canopy tent.


    Client acknowledges that he/she shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the provider's equipment caused by any misuse/damage by client or its guests. Damage shall not be limited to, but shall include: physical contact resulting in broken equipment, any power failure resulting in surge damage, and/or liquid damage from event guest drinks/food. Client agrees that restitution must be made within 30 days of damage in form of replacement equipment or value, as determined by an independent appraiser. Lastly, the client agrees that reimbursement(s) must be pay for within 30 days from date of incident. A late fee of $10 added to the total amount due, every week, until reimbursement is paid in full. Children under 12 years of age need to be accompanied by a parent.


    Client acknowledges that Magic Smiles Photo Booth requires at least a $200 booking deposit for each booth rental to secure the date, through check or credit card. The remaining needs to be paid 30 DAYS BEFORE the event date. There will be a late fee of $20 added to the total amount due, every week, until payment is paid in full. Bookings made within 30 days of event must be paid in full. Any request for a date change must be made in writing/email in advance of the original event date as soon as possible. Change is subject to Magic Smiles Photo Booth’s availability and receipt of a new photo booth service contract. If client shall cancel over (+61) days til the event, there are no cancelation/rescheduling fee. If client shall cancel within sixty (-60) days of the event date, a $200 retainer will be forfeited from the amount paid. If client shall cancel within thirty (-30) days of the event date, the full amount paid will be forfeited to Magic smiles Photo Booth. If Client wants to reschedule and event is 60 days or less, there will be a $100 rescheduling fee added. Client can make payments on invoice at anytime before hand. Magic Smiles Photo Booth will not be responsible for any act of God; i.e. weather, any physical disability, interruption of transportation, or any other proven causes beyond their control. Therefore, there will be no refunds of contract rental fees associated with any act of God. Magic Smiles Photo Booth will reschedule any events prevented by any major event or force of nature depending upon availability.


    All photos are property of Magic Smiles Photo Booth. The commercial use of the photos without proper acknowledgement/permission from Magic Smiles Photo Booth is prohibited. Magic Smiles Photo Booth reserves the right to use and publish images for purpose of display, portfolio, & website. Photos may appear on website homepage slideshow. Guests will receive a photo strip at the event. We do not sell your photos with 3rd party companies. Attendees may purchase their photos directly from our website or download a free photo with an Magic Smiles Photo Booth watermark.

  • By typing your name & filling out this contract, you agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.

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