Props for photo booths




Photo booths are one of the best ways to increase the fun and excitement in an event. A photo booth can be perfectly used for events like wedding, graduation, product launch, business conference, meeting, baby shower, gala dinners, charity functions and more. Without a doubt, photo booth hire in new york is versatile enough to be mixed and matched with various events. Well, there’s no wonder with that because the technology used in the photo booth, as well as the props that can be used are endless.

Here are some of the most popular props that can be used in photo booth hire in new york For sure, by using the props that will be mentioned, the photo booth experience of the guests will level up.

  1. Emoji Mask- emoji or emoticons are the electronic presentations of emotions or facial expressions. Emoji or emoticons are popularly used by the members of the millennial generation as it helps to express their emotions in a fun and hilarious way.

Emoji masks are used in photo booths no matter what is the event. The creative emoji mask can be used in different styles and sizes and it is considered as one of the most common props in photo booths.

  1. Valentine-themed Props- love is always in the air, am I right? If you want to level up the presence of love during the event, valentine-themed props are great. You can make your own valentine-themed props or purchase some from the craft stores and online shopping websites.
  2. Hats- ever since photo booths became popular, props like hats are used. There are different types of hats like fedora, trilby, pork pie, cowboy, homburg, bowler or derby, watch cap, beret, cloche, Gatsby, visor and a lot more. Without a doubt, there is a hat that will match the preference of each and every guest.
  3. Animal mask- if you are hosting an animal-themed party, having a few animal-inspired masks is a must.
  4. Statement banners- pictures are worth a thousand words. That’s the main reason why you should use banners filled with statements, quotes, messages, and phrases as props in the photo booth.
  5. Cut out letters- cut out letters and letter standees are a popular addition to the photo booth settings lately. The cut out letters and letter standees can be decorated depending on the theme of the event.
  6. Wacky hats- for kid’s parties, wacky hats are definitely worth having. For sure, the little ones invited to attend the party will enjoy making cute and adorable wacky faces matched with hats.
  7. Seasonal items- some of the common seasonal items include Christmas decorations, New Year accessories, St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia, and the likes.
  8. Wigs- if you want to level up the transformation of the guests, wigs are the best prop you can have. It helps to instantly change the appearance and overall look of the guests. Make sure that you have a handful of fun and creative wigs in different color and hairstyle.
  9. Easy-to-wear costumes- no matter what is your theme, for sure, there is a costume that will fit the category.