360 video booth rental -What is it?

360 video Booth rental – The Newest, Hottest Trend. Move over, photo booths. New, 360 Degree photo booths are revolutionizing the typical photo booth experience. They combine the best of HD imagery, videos, and Instagram’s Boomerang feature to provide a unique new way to capture life’s memorable moment

An innovative photo booth experience, the 360 Video Booth will keep you smiling. It’s the ultimate celebration!

​Our 360 Video Booth rental is like nothing you’ve seen before.

A unique combination of technology and design. Our 360-degree video booth will transform your event into an unforgettable photo experience.

Our 360 video booth rental provides a customized experience that’s both fun and memorable.   It’s unlike any other photo booth in the city.

A unique, interactive photo booth that’s a good time for all.

We’re a photo booth that treats your guests like friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

The 360 degree photo booth is not actually an enclosed booth, but an open platform that has a video camera mounted to a spinner that will move the camera around you, taking images or a video of you and your friends.  Some complete a full 360 around you, capturing all your best angles. Others move in slow motion or bounce back and forth to give a fun boomerang effect.

The 360 video booth captures panoramic images with a revolving camera. Your guests will be thrilled to have their own high-quality personalized memento of the event.


The 360 photo booth is one of the hottest entertainment and event experiences currently on the market. A state-of-the-art, interactive photo booth. Widely called a 360 photo booth, it is actually a video booth that captures 120 frames a second. Users step on the platform, while a revolving video camera spins 360 degrees around to capture slow-motion video.

The resulting video or set of images is unique to each person or group of people.  When taking a video, feel free to change up your poses, move around, and bust a move as the camera records. The videos and images are captured in high-quality files that you are immediately able to download and share. It’s not the booth in the mall you’re used to.  This is a whole new experience that puts a new spin on capturing moments.


How does it work?

Each booth has a platform for you or you and your group to stand on. If you have props available, choose your props before stepping up.   From there, the operator of the booth will stage you accordingly to ensure you get the best possible result.

Then, the high-definition video camera will begin to move on the spinner attached to the platform.   As it travels you may be directed on how to move and where to look, or you may just do whatever feels natural.   The camera is capturing each moment as you move.   It then immediately will save its full 360 as a file. Typically, there will be a station where you can download the file or instantly share it to social media.

What events are best for it?

Simply put, any event where people want to capture memories is perfect for this. With wedding season right around the corner, many will love to capture videos of their guests as they celebrate their new marriage.   They do not take up much room and are easily set up in most reception venues.

Birthday parties are another good match.   Everyone will love making a unique and special memory with the birthday boy or girl.   Props only enhance the experience, so feel free to get some that match the party’s theme.

Parties, dances, and homecoming events are also perfect.   A 360 booth will only add to the enjoyment of others. It will help your event stay light, fun, and a topic of conversation for years to come.


360 video booth allows guests to create fun, shareable video experiences that can be viewed in real-time, or instantly texted and/or emailed.

It’s your party, and you can be the MVP of the party if you want to.   Make it one for the ages with our 360-degree video booth. This unique slow-motion booth is a wildly fun (and Instagrammable) way to amp up the energy at any event.

Why should I choose 360 photo booths over regular photo booths?

When you’re using 360 photo booths you know you are getting a high-quality experience. From high-end video cameras to an actual person to direct, you’re getting only the best in the industry. They are built using the most up to date technology and software to capture the moment and deliver it to you.

It goes beyond the traditional strip of three photos.   You will be sent a video via text messenger or email.  Very simple.   Now, the file is easily saved and shareable for years to come!

It’s a unique experience at every event, and great party favor for guests to take home.

We’re the perfect ice breaker for events with small or large groups of people. We’re compact and can easily be moved from location to location.

This is the coolest way to create a 360-degree video of your friends and family!

Turn your next event into a fun and engaging experience with a 360 photo booth. Capture your wedding party cheering, your kids having fun, and more as the revolving video camera spins 360 degrees around to capture slow-motion video.

The 360 video booth captures a moment in time through the use of slow motion, allowing users to see themselves in a way they never could before. By stepping on the platform, users are able to see themselves from all angles, as stills are extracted from 120 frames a second, in full color.

Give your guests an interactive experience unlike anything else with a photo booth! Guests can step onto the platform, which rotates 360 degrees as a camera captures slow-motion video.

How much does a 360 degree Photo booth cost?

The price range for a 360 video booth rental starts out at $500-600 and goes up to $3000 per event   Price all depends on the number of hours, size of the booth, and the expertise of the booth operator.   The prices are all based on the expertise level of the operator.   Not all 360 Photo booths are the same.   Some platforms are bigger and hold more people.   Some 360 degree output videos have many filters to make the video very special.   Give us a call to explore the many different 360 photo booth options available.

This personalized photo booth is unlike photo booths you’ve experienced before.

This is the future of the photo booth: a high-tech modern machine with a retro, nostalgic feel. It’s fun, affordable, and something people will remember.

A photo booth for your event that’s fun and easy to use.

Our photo booths let you capture, share, and celebrate your most memorable moments.


The 360 photo booth is a proven revenue-generating machine that fits in any size venue.   It’s a high-end, leading-edge experience that anyone can captivate their audience and guests with.

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What does the 360 video booth comes with

360 photo booth new york

360 Photo booth Package
Unlimited video sessions
Hero 4k Go Pro Camera or Ipad Pro
2-6 hour rental period
Customized music
Video booth Attendant
Sharing station
Online Gallery
Choice of songs
Custom Video template
Digital copies of all videos
LED/RGB Studio lightning
email/text delivery after each session
Sharing screen (optional)